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Corporate Shuttle Service New Jersey

Corporate shuttle service New Jersey

Corporate Shuttle Service New Jersey

High Quality & Great Value

At Corporate Express, Inc. we believe firmly in providing high quality and great value bus transportation services for every one of our clients and we have successfully achieved this for over thirty years in business. Our experience in the rental transport industry allows us to offer you and your group a service unlike any other. If you need one of the best Corporate Shuttle Service New Jersey has to offer, you need only look to Corporate Express, Inc. 


 Our flexibility and customer service mean that we provide attention to detail to your itinerary and travel needs that ensure that you arrive at your destination completely stress-free. Travel across New York doesn’t have to be a complex or stressful experience and at Corporate Express, Inc. we’re here to prove that with every client that we work with.

 Flexibility and customer focus 

 Fantastic For Any Occasion 

Corporate Express, Inc. is fantastic for any occasion, whether you need a charter bus to take you and your team to the big game, a party bus rental to get your bachelor party on the move, or a shuttle bus to get you and your business associates to the airport, we have a solution for you. We pride ourselves on providing an answer to any transport question you may have, offering a range of high-end vehicles such as limousines, vans, buses, coaches, and charters that all come with an experienced driver at the helm, you can be assured that you’ll receive only the best from Corporate Express, Inc. 

 We are one of the best providers of Corporate Shuttle Service New Jersey has to offer for a reason, our expert drivers have been fine-tuning their skills for decades and know only the best routes to take to ensure that you and your group arrive with time to spare. We don’t just value your business but we value your time too and understand the importance of sticking to a schedule. 

 Unique, Fun, and Carefree

You may be thinking that using Corporate Shuttle Service New Jersey can be a complicated experience but not at all. At Corporate Express, Inc. our team has worked hard to create a unique, fun, and carefree quoting and booking experience. We don’t just want our journey to be easy, we want the entire process to be easy. 

 Our dynamic and friendly customer service representative team knows exactly what it takes to smooth out your itinerary and match you to exactly the vehicle and driver you’ll need to achieve a completely flawless transport experience. We’ll show you that there is no point worrying about public transport or application-based transport when you travel with the experts at Corporate Express, Inc.

 Accessible and Budget Friendly

Organizing transport with the best Corporate Shuttle Service New Jersey has to offer may sound like an expensive investment but it is accessible and budget friendly. We do our best to offer you the best value and tailor each quote carefully to ensure you’re not only getting the vehicle, schedule, and driver you need but you’re getting great value too. Often with larger bookings, clients will split our costs among their group which makes our already amazing value even more accessible and reasonable.

 Effortless Booking

Don’t waste your time figuring out complicated bus route schedules or convoluted train time tables, don’t bother fiddling around with dozens of driver applications on your phone, just contact us now at Corporate Express, Inc. and let us provide a high-quality transport experience that will show you why we’re one of the most sought after bus rental companies in New York. We aim to provide you with carefree, stress-free travel to your destination and we look forward to achieving that with every client we work with.

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Great service. Driver was friendly, on time, took care of my baggage, drove safely and responsible and had good communication.
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Corporate Shuttle Service New Jersey
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