College Campus Shuttle Service

If you require a college campus shuttle service to help ease the commute for students and employees to and from campus, Corporate Express, Inc. are proud to offer our help. Often contracted on a daily basis for colleges in NY, our college campus shuttle service goes on a looped route with a set schedule throughout the day, using the various drop off points to maximize efficiency.

Highly Professional

Being in the field for over 30 years gives us an edge over other private transportation companies. With this experience comes professionally trained members, including the drivers, and a level of satisfaction above and beyond anything you have ever experienced before. Our expertise in the industry not only makes us the more preferred choice for punctuality but also for safety, comfort, and peace of mind as we handle the schedule and driving for you.

College Campus Transportation

No one wants the hassle of walking, driving themselves, or using public transportation to reach their campus or navigate around it. With a NY college campus shuttle service, you can focus more on your job or schoolwork and less on the commute. Our shuttles stay on their looped routine throughout the day, dropping off students and employees at parking lots, subways, and various other stops on campus. With this convenience, it’s easier for you to take your mind off the hassle of commuting and feel more comfortable getting around. Our drivers love what they do, and you are in good, safe hands.

College Campus Shuttle Service

How Do I Start?

To get started on organizing a college campus shuttle service, you first need to get in touch with one of our friendly customer service representatives who will guide you through the entire process. Don’t worry; this process is very simple and easy. We only require a few pieces of information regarding the schedule, loop, preferred vehicle, number of passengers, and some other key details to put together a quote. This quote is exclusive to you and your needs, and you’ll find it to be a more affordable alternative for the area, but we’re happy to discuss your requirements for a budget that suits you. After we handle this information, we will take care of organizing the rest and giving you your quote. Furthermore, we will also recommend a vehicle best suited to your needs, so there’s no need to stress about which to choose.

College Campus Shuttle Service

We aren’t just founded on the belief of best customer satisfaction, but also affordable services. We know how tough it can be to navigate around college campuses in NYC, especially if your budget is strict. Our competitive prices are another quality that sets us apart from the competition. Our affordable prices don’t compromise on quality nor satisfaction but instead, add to what we believe in – private transport readily available for virtually everyone. Traveling around stops on campus has never been easier nor more affordable.

Broad Selection

Depending on your needs, we can offer you a variety of vehicles to accommodate specific requests. These vary in size, features, and more, so we can help you find a shuttle that meets all of your requirements. Need one with wheelchair access? No problem. How about something with WiFi or a TV? Easy. We can help make that happen while remaining within your budget.

We would love to learn more about your college campus commuting schedules and how we can be of help in regards to easing the commute for students and employees. Contact us today to discuss!

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