Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 different ways that you can charter your bus rental. The first way for you to charter your bus rental is to go to the reservations page and fill out our online form. The second way for you to charter your bus rental is to use our “Live Agent” chat to talk directly with one of our sales representatives. The third way to charter your bus rental is to call our Brooklyn, NY office at
718-376-3800 and speak directly to our customer sales team.

Corporate Express serves the tri-sta area and has been doing so for over 25 years, and we look forward to providing you with charter service. If your from outside the tri-sta area and would like to charter a bus for your tour you could use one of the ways listed above in the How do I charter a bus? Section

Corporate Express, Inc. will list any company as additional insured, if we have a contract of one month or more of everyday shuttle bus service. If you have any other question on this topic please call our office, and we will be happy to discuss this in further detail with you.

Corporate Express, Inc carries liability insurance of ($5,000,000.00). Our customers safety is our number one priority. Insurance certificates can be furnished upon request.

Although the vehicle images and pictures on our website may be similar in size and appearance they are only examples and samples of the vehicles we offer. The actual vehicles that will be used depends on availability and can be different.

The pricing includes everything on your bus itinerary as well as fuel and tolls. If you are satisfied with your service it is recommended to give your driver a tip/gratuity. If your trip requires an overnight stay, you must pay for a single hotel room for each bus driver on your trip.

To insure our passengers safety we review all the trip information on the itinerary for safety and make sure all the trips are safe and comply with DOT regulations. We will let you know additional drivers will be needed for your trip. We will also let you know what will need to be adjusted on your itinerary so that we meet the regulations of the department of transportation (DOT).

The maintenance of our vehicles is very important to us, our mechanics make sure that every vehicle scheduled for departure is in excellent driving condition. Although you can’t guarantee that all vehicles will perform without problems, our mechanics limit any mechanical problems by working on the vehicles on a daily basis. Our dedicated cleaning crew cleans the vehicles inside and out before a scheduled trip making sure the interiors are kept clean and spotless.

All the vehicles in our fleet are no older than five years old but no matter if a vehicle is brand new or it is used it is only as good as the support and maintenance behind it. Corporate Express, inc. stands behind all of our staff which includes our mechanics, drivers, sales team, dispatchers and our cleaning crew to make sure your event is on time, safe and enjoyable.