Hospital Shuttle Service

Ease the commute for hospital staff and patients with Corporate Express, Inc.’s Hospital Shuttle Service. Founded on 30 years of experience in the industry, our business puts your priorities for commuting first, with an exceptional level of satisfaction beyond any other. With a looped route on a schedule throughout the day, you can make the most of our Hospital Shuttle Service to help drop off hospital staff and patients at parking lots, subways, and more.

Who Are We?

Corporate Express, INC. hears the word “transport” and immediately wants to help. Our shuttle service is contracted on a daily basis for hospitals in NY, and you could be next to take advantage of this convenient service. Our team includes highly trained professionals, with friendly customer service representatives and drivers dedicated to assisting you with your travels. At the forefront of who we are is not just comfort but also safety and punctuality. From the moment you’re picked up to the second you’re dropped off, everything feels smooth, easy, and hassle-free – just how transport should be.

Hospital Commutes

Hospitals are never easy to get to or leave from, but with us, you can put all of those worries and fears behind you as we ensure the most comfortable, safe, and convenient trip. Whether you’re visiting a loved one with a large group, transporting patients, or even providing a more comfortable way for your hospital staff to commute, our Hospital Shuttle Service is perfect. Our shuttles stick to a looped route on a schedule throughout the day as set out by you, with various drop off points like parking lots and subways. Hospitals are typically very busy with minimal available parking (or very expensive parking). This is where a shuttle service comes in handy to save money, time, and hassle.

Hospital Shuttle Service

So, How Does It Work?

Corporate Express, Inc. wants to make the quotation process as simple and straightforward as possible. Upon getting in touch with one of our friendly and experienced customer service representatives, the particular schedule, the number of passengers, and a few other details will be requested. This will allow our representative to put together a detailed quote that covers all of your needs, with your budget kept in mind throughout. It won’t be long before you receive a personalized quote specific to your needs, and you’re on your way to providing comfortable, safe transportation for hospital staff, visitors, or patients.

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A Step Above Competition

Sure, other businesses might offer the same value, but how about for a better price? Our customer service representative will help get you the best possible price while also meeting your needs. While we pride our business on the fundamental principles of luxury, professionalism, comfort, safety, and punctuality, we still leave the room to be more competitive when it comes to pricing. Have a better offer? Let us know, and we’ll strive to beat it.

Various Options

Based on your requirements, we’ll suggest specific shuttles that are best suited to your needs. These various options range from small to large shuttles and unique features that may create an even more comfortable experience when traveling via our service. Perhaps you want your staff to feel like a luxury, and so you want to give them WiFi, or maybe you need wheelchair access for your patients. Whatever the requirements, we can help find the best shuttles that make it a worthwhile commuting experience for all.

Corporate Express, Inc.’s hospital shuttle service is the number one choice for your hospital transporting needs, particularly when it concerns groups of people. You will be more than thrilled with the level of satisfaction – that we can guarantee!

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