Residential Apartment Shuttle Service NY

Corporate Express, Inc. offers a NY residential apartment shuttle service on a daily basis for your transportation needs between residential apartment buildings in NYC and other locations. This is the best way to make the commute as effortless and convenient as possible for residents. Our shuttles transport via a looped route on the desired schedule throughout the day, stopping at subways and other various drop-off locations.

Experienced Team

Being in business for over 30 years, Corporate Express, Inc. is a professional and luxury shuttle company focused on delivering service that excels above any other in all aspects. This includes customer service, customer satisfaction, punctuality, safety, comfort, and reliability. Our drivers are experienced with handling our shuttles and navigating around NYC with ease, so when it comes to a NY residential apartment shuttle service, you can trust us with your transport needs. We prioritize your safety above all else and you’ll leave the shuttle feeling as though you were transported by your very own chauffeur!

For Your Residential Apartment Needs

So, why might you need a residential apartment shuttle service in NY? Perhaps you need to be dropped off at the subway to commute to work, or maybe you prefer a private shuttle overtaking the public forms of transportation. The level of comfort, privacy, and total luxury of traveling via our shuttle service makes it the best alternative. Whether you struggle with travel anxiety, getting to places on time in the busy city, or for whatever other reason, Corporate Express, INC.’s sole purpose is to assist with any of these requirements. Furthermore, with the rise of COVID-19, it makes more sense to travel privately instead of publicly to help decrease the risk of transmission or contracting illness.

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How Does It Work?

Upon calling one of our friendly customer service representatives, you will be asked for all necessary and essential pieces of information regarding the trip or schedule. Following this discussion, our representative will suggest the appropriate shuttle for your needs or provide a suitable selection to choose from. The price and recommended vehicles will depend on a multitude of factors, including the length of the trip, number of passengers, and other special or exclusive requirements. This quote process is made simple and easy so that anyone can call and get it organized within minutes. Our representative also has extensive experience in handling these quotes as well as listening to your requirements for a very organized phone call.

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Competitive Prices

We aren’t just an all-around excellent shuttle service; we also offer competitive prices to make traveling privately via shuttle for residential apartment transportation more accessible for everyone. Our competitive prices never compromise on other essential qualities, like comfort, safety, and punctuality. We always recommend our residential apartment shuttle service to those who are also traveling together in groups where this cost of commuting may be more ideally split between passengers. It also allows you to reach your destination together on time and prevents the awkward public hassle of finding transport.

Choose Your Shuttle

We won’t leave you stranded when deciding on a shuttle. Based on your requirements, we will recommend a suitable shuttle or several, of which you can decide on. Our shuttles vary in size, luxury, features, and more, so you can enjoy the versatility of deciding yourself! We can even help accommodate particular requests like wheelchair access and WiFi if that’s what you need. Just let us know when getting in contact with us, and we can help assist with these requirements.

Corporate Express, Inc. is prepared to cater to your needs for a residential apartment shuttle service in NY. Get in touch with us today to discuss your trip!

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