Bus Companies New Jersey

bus companies New Jersey

Bus Companies New Jersey

Accessible Travel Solution

 Corporate Express, Inc. has worked for decades to secure the amazing reputation of being one of the most reliable and enjoyable rental transport solutions and Bus Companies New Jersey. Our renowned bus rental prices and private bus cost are beyond affordable and with our ultimate goal to be accessible to every single potential client, this is sure to be a factor that gets you wondering why you’re bothering with public transport at all.


 Getting you and your group to your destination can be a nightmare, public buses can be full of people, run late on their route, or even break down leaving you stuck in the middle of nowhere so why not put your faith in one of the premier Bus Companies New Jersey? We’ve spent the better part of thirty years ensuring the safe and prompt arrival of our clients to their destination, even in some cases offering school bus rental which just further expresses how reliable we are to an array of clients.

 High-Quality Vehicles 

Bus Companies New Jersey can be fairly limited depending on your group or where you’re going, but not Corporate Express, Inc. We take great pride in the fact that we have a high-end fleet of diverse vehicles on offer and a team of expert drivers that are professional and friendly. Our drivers have spent years learning and improving their skillset and in doing so have a deep knowledge of the best routes to take to your destination ensuring that you and your group get to your destination without any speed bumps along the way.

 Unmatched Service

Public transport such as buses, trains, taxis, and app-based transport can offer completely mixed results and are often unreliable and inconsistent especially when you’re part of a bigger group trying to get somewhere at the same time. With Corporate Express, Inc. you can all ride together on a reliable and comfortable bus that is sticking to a schedule confirmed by and set by you, leaving you completely stress-free and letting you focus on what matters to you instead of stressing about getting there on time.


Always Competitive Prices

At this point, you’re likely wondering how much does it cost to rent a bus? With Corporate Express, Inc. our costs can vary depending on your group size and destination, however, we are confident to say that we’re always competitive with other transport rental services in the area and this is a big factor of why we’ve been delivering quality transport solutions for over three decades – our great value.

 We’re one of the primary Bus Companies New Jersey that can provide larger buses and transport solutions and because of this, our clients have often increased their already great savings even further by splitting costs among their group, which is an economical way to travel that can rival the costs of even the most basic public transport. 


 Unrivaled Experience 


 Corporate Express, Inc. has been providing consistently great transport solutions for over thirty years making us among the elite of rental bus services. We thrive on providing you a carefree travel experience and new clients very quickly become repeat clients once they’ve experienced what truly stress-free travel can like. 

 Dynamic and Friendly Team

Our friendly and dynamic team of customer service representatives is on hand to handle any of your transport-based requests and go out of their way to ensure they are flexible and accommodating to your transport needs. At Corporate Express, Inc. we understand that not every client is the same, so we treat every client as an individual to make sure that we are providing that personal touch. Don’t bother with public transport to your next event, experience carefree travel with Corporate Express, Inc.

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