Corporate Shuttle Services

Planning a daily corporate shuttle service? Setting up a staff event or business presentation, or other forms of business venture that requires certain important people to partake in travel? Our Corporate shuttle services will have you wondering why you ever chose otherwise. This employee shuttle service isn’t just about getting your employees, clients, or business partners from point A to point B but also concerns your business appearance and etiquette.

Why Rent a Corporate Shuttle?

Corporate Shuttle Services come in handy when you need to get your employees to work safe and efficiently. When you compare a private shuttle bus to a standard public form of transport, the differences definitely impact your business in various ways.

A private shuttle bus service will have your employees, clients, and business partners feeling much more comfortable, secure, and welcomed into the team. They don’t have to worry about where to go, what to do, or how to get there when it’s all taken care of for them. Our Corporate Shuttle Services come with experienced drivers who know exactly what they’re doing, ensuring the smoothest group travel experience possible. Their navigational skills and customer service are unmatched by any other work bus rental out there!

Cost-effective and efficient, Corporate Express, Inc. employee shuttle services will help assist you with your business plans while leaving a positive and lasting impression on employees and clients. Our corporate shuttle services make employees happier and less stressed when commuting to work. Having shuttle service for your staff helps to with employee retention and will save your company money in the long run.

Corporate Shuttle Services

We have various buses that can help your employees in their daily commutes or to attend crucial events, including smaller and larger vehicles to accommodate specific numbers in the most affordable way possible. You can keep your corporate shuttle service or event running on time and smoothly, ensuring your business employees, clients, and other members make it on schedule. After all, punctuality is an extremely important part of running a business, and if you want your employees to be punctual, you have to show the same type of professionalism back.

Corporate Shuttle Services

When Would I Need a Corporate Shuttle?

We have many businesses contracting our corporate shuttle services each day of the week to assist their employees, clients, and other members of the business to reach destinations swiftly and safely. From hubs, trains, subways, and other locations to the company or client buildings in the morning, and vice versa in the afternoon. Corporate Express, Inc. helps cut the commute time and costs significantly for their corporate needs.

All of our bus drivers are well-informed and instructed of the scheduled pick up times, drop off times, meeting points, and all other necessary information that is key to the success of the corporate event. From start to finish, the entire corporate shuttle service is maintained with a high level of professionalism on our end. Your employees can feel comfortable, punctual, and safe, with everyone arriving at the same time for absolute convenience.

Business travel is typically very stressful, but Corporate Express, Inc. is here to make it all effortless. The coordinated itinerary and friendly staff are here to make sure your clients, employees, and business partners get to where they need to be, minus the headache.

Let us know the number of passengers for the corporate shuttle service or event and all other necessary itinerary details, and we’ll give you a customized quote with recommended vehicles to suit your needs. It doesn’t get any similar to that when you need a private shuttle bus!

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