Mini Bus Rental New York City

Minibus rental NY: One of the best services you will find in New York


In the world of transportation and travel, minibusses have become the best deal due to their fun drive and accommodation. A Minibus suits well for 7 to 17 or even 9 to 16 passengers. For anyone traveling with more than four passengers, a Minibus serves well due to its comfort and space to move around while you travel. You may wonder about hiring a full-size bus instead but that is just going to cost some extra bucks and not required unless you have more than 20 passengers.

The comfort and services of minibusses are well availed by schools, families, charities, and other organizations. In a city like New York where many universities, schools, societies, social groups, etc. are operating on large-scale use of a minibus is very essential.

Parameters of Selection

Minibus rental services are growing in New York but it is equally important that you select the best of those services at cost-effective rates. Reliable drivers, punctuality of time, comfortable seats, additional amenities, and humble customer greetings are always the best parameters of judging good mini bus rental services.

Corporate Express, Inc

The goal of Corporate Express is to value your time and meet your transportation needs with flair. In the business world where mutual respect is always required we have made it our principle to treat our clients in the way, we would like to get ourselves treated. Fortune 500 companies get benefits from our services and their good feedback is our pride that keeps us motivated in our business.

Mini Bus rental services

We provide our clients with the best deal for their transportation based on the distance, destination, and the time period for which our minibusses are rented. Our operating locations such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania also make us proud of many satisfied customers who are using our services. You can always be sure about our punctuality, safe driving, and honest deals. Not only Mini-buses but we also provide a good range and size of vehicles such as Ford, Chevy, MCI, Prevost, Van Hool, and GMC, etc. We are certainly not the only one who provides these services and so in the world of competition we have survived and been there for a long due to over cost-effective and satisfactory services.


Driving your own vehicle for a holiday trip can always be fun but you may not like to tire yourself on a long drive and then end up being restless among those beautiful scenes and precious moments with family. Our minibus rental can accommodate your family for your holiday trips and make sure that you have a hassle-free and fun-filled ride. Our minibus rental services are also a good choice for schools, colleges, and institutions that operates on a daily basis.

How to get this Minibus rental service?

We have made it very easy for you to get your customized quote or replies to your queries. You can now contact the “Live Agent” on this website for your queries, read the FAQ for general questions, Fill the contact form under “CONTACT the US” or you can contact us directly by calling our Telephone number (718) 376-3800.