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 Do you need a reliable tour bus? Or a charter bus booking quickly? Look no further than the team at Corporate Express, Inc. For Thirty years, we’ve been providing clients with top-of-the-line rental transportation options that are unrivaled by other rental transport businesses. Booking with us means you can arrange your coach bus schedule to suit your needs, we are entirely flexible and we go above and beyond to provide a tailored rental transport experience. 

 We’re able to provide the best Coach Bus New York has to offer because we can provide total flexibility when it comes to your rental transport solution needs. Whether your Coach Bus New York booking needs disabled access or even onboard WIFI connectivity, we’re able to provide you with a rental transport experience suited to your needs, no matter what they may be.


 Any Time, Anywhere, and for Anything! 

Our services at Corporate Express, Inc. are great for any occasion, we’re not just a supplier of quality Coach Bus New York rentals, and we supply a range of vehicles. Our fleet includes but is not limited to charter buses, coach buses, mini buses, shuttle buses, passenger vans, and even limousines for those important occasions. At Corporate Express, Inc. we’re able to provide transport for all sorts of occasions and customers regularly trust us with big occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and business functions. That trust comes from our thirty-year track record of reliability and consistency when it comes to our rental transport solutions. 

 Whether you’re booking the best Coach Bus New York has to offer or the smoothest limousine in town, our vehicles all arrive with a professional driver behind the wheel who knows the ins and outs of the route to get you to your destination on time and with a smile on your face. Our drivers take great pride in their work and that will be evident in how smooth and easy your journey with us at Corporate Express, Inc. is. 


 We Make Travel Easy  

Effortless and carefree, Corporate Express, Inc. has gone out of its way to ensure it is quoting and booking process is simple, prompt, and thorough. Our friendly team of experts knows exactly what it takes to qualify and figure out exactly what you need to make your journey easy and memorable for all the right reasons. Our focus is purely on convenience from the moment you contact us to the moment you step onto one of our brilliant vehicles.


 Incredibly Value Every Time

Corporate Express, Inc. isn’t just renowned for being reliable and consistent, we’re also known for our fantastic rates. You can’t be in the rental transport business for thirty years without providing top-notch value every step of the way. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you’re provided with great value, regardless of your group size or occasion. Booking with Corporate Express, Inc. means knowing you’re getting only the best value for money. We recommend our service to groups of all sizes and with larger groups often recommend dividing up our rates among your travelers, as it’s a great way to make our services even more economical than they already are. 


 Book ASAP!

Booking with us is easy, you just need your itinerary ready to go and get in touch with one of our friendly staff members. From there they will ask qualifying questions and ensure they cover absolutely every aspect of your quote. As mentioned before, we prioritize being prompt and thorough, so you can be assured that your time won’t be wasted at all when working with us. At Corporate Express, Inc. we love seeing a plan come together, and lucky for us, that happens with every client we work with. Your journey is our pleasure, contact us now and experience effortless rental transport solutions.  


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