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Charter Bus Rental In NY

Charter bus rental NY: Good hospitality and comfortable accommodation

Charter Bus Rental In NY: There is always a space for your whole family and all occasions!


There are many reasons to get you a Charter bus rental. Schools, colleges, universities, companies, special events, etc. always require the best means for transport, and Charter bus rental services do exactly the same.

Statistics have shown that road transportation has been more safe compared to air transportation and it is safer when you are not driving your personal vehicle. We always try to get a good hand at driving but sometimes traffic and unexpected accidents create frustration. A good Charter bus rental service will guarantee that the vehicle is driven by safe and experienced hands.

Corporate Express Services

Corporate Express, Inc. has been around for 30 years in the Transport Industry and has survived through cut-throat competition due to its quality service and concern for its client’s comfort.

Corporate Express, Inc. has many clients in the form of fortune 500 companies who are satisfied with the Charter bus rental services and have always provided good feedback for our services. Corporate Express values your time as well as money and always try to meet your requirements with the best possible solution. The satisfaction and feedback of our clients is our pride and our quality service is our goal.

The charter bus rental service provided by Corporate Express, Inc. takes care of your comfort as well as timelines. We operate in New York for daily routines and we also provide our quality customized service nationwide.

On average, any of our vehicles are loaded with standard as well as additional amenities for luxurious services. Plush reclining seats, overhead storage, uniformed drivers, lavatory, air condition service, laser lightening, Television, stereo, DVD players, and in special cases Minibars are also attached.

Our drivers are highly experienced and at least most of them have been with the company for more than 5 years. It is mandatory for all our drivers to go through drug tests, yearly medical checkups, and driving tests. At regular intervals, we try to conduct training programs to increase the expertise of our drivers and also provide insurance coverage and other benefits.

Our Charter bus rental service will make sure that you are able to accommodate your whole group for your special occasions or outings. Safe driving and comfortable seats will add to your refreshing moments and time-disciplined travel will help you in your cause.

How to contact?

Take advantage of Charter bus rental services provided by Corporate Express by making contacting us through mail or by telephone. Our 24/7 customer care is always at your service and will clarify all your queries. For instant replies, you can also contact our Live Agent that will look into your query and suggest the best possible option. We also look forward to customized packages and services based on your requirement. You just have to ask for our help and we are always there with you in all special events of your life.