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New York Bus Charter

Bus Charter New York

New York Bus Charter

The Premier Rental Transport

 Corporate Express, Inc. is your answer to all your transport needs for your next big function. Among the best private bus service nyc has to offer, we offer an array of options from charter bus rental to coach bus rental, we have the answer for you. With thirty years of experience in providing the best Bus Charter New York has available, we know what it takes to provide you with a consistent and reliable service that will leave you wondering why you were wasting time with driver apps and public transport options. 

 Our focus on flexibility separates us from other rental transport solutions and NYC bus rental businesses. We understand that no two journeys are the same, which is why we treat each client as an individual so we can address any specific needs you may have for your journey with us at Corporate Express, Inc. We can offer an array of options should you require them, including but not limited to, disabled access on select vehicles as well as WIFI connectivity should you require it. 

 Anytime, Anywhere 

Whether you need the best Bus Charter New York has to offer or the smoothest limousine in town, Corporate Express, Inc. can provide you with what you need to make your journey a memorable one for all the right reasons. Our extensive fleet of vehicle options means we can provide transport for almost any occasion. Our selection of vehicles includes Charter Buses, Shuttle Buses, Mini Buses, Coach Buses, and even Limousines, providing you with anything you could need. We specialize in all occasions, leisure, and business and can provide you with not just reliable and high-end transportation options but top-shelf customer service too.

 Everything from the best Bus Charter New York has to offer to the fastest passenger van in town arrives to pick you up with one of our expert drivers behind the wheel. Our reputation for reliability and consistency is in large part due to our professional and friendly driving staff. We believe at Corporate Express, Inc. to provide you with the best, we have to hire the best and we’ve done exactly that with our driving staff. Our drivers are well versed in the best routes to take to ensure you reach your destination with total ease.  


 Couldn’t Be Easier!  

At Corporate Express, Inc. we understand how tedious booking anything let alone rental transport can be for the consumer, that is why we’ve spent years working on our process to ensure it is simple, fast and thorough. Our friendly customer service staff are highly trained and know exactly what qualifying questions to ask to ensure you get the transport you need to make your next event a memorable one for all the right reasons. We get a kick at Corporate Express, Inc. from allowing you to be able to focus purely on your day and not the ins and outs of how you’ll get to your destination. Whether you’re booking the best Bus Charter New York has or even an airport shuttle, you can be assured with Corporate Express, Inc. it’ll be easy to book. At Corporate Express, Inc. we don’t just value your business, we value your time too.

 We’re Ready To Help

Inexpensive & effective alternative to public transport, Corporate Express, Inc. is a fantastic option for your next event or function. We have been providing our service for over thirty years because we know how to not only provide a fantastic and reliable service, we can provide an affordable and accessible service too. We pride ourselves on always keeping our rates competitive within the industry and you can be assured that with Corporate Express, Inc. whether you’re booking a Coach Bus or the slickest Limousine in town, you’re always getting the best value for money. What are you waiting for? Experience effortless transportation with Corporate Express, Inc.

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