Charter Bus Rental New York

Get yourself a good Charter bus rental service in New York!

Charter bus rental serves your purpose for all occasions!

Most of the schools, colleges, universities, and companies require Charter bus rental services for their transportation. Charter bus rental New York service has always been a good means of transport for large groups and provides comfortable transportation.

According to research, road transportation is safer than air transportation, and traveling in a rented vehicle is safer than driving your own vehicle.

Corporate Express, Inc. has a good reputation for providing comfortable and safe Charter bus rental services for its clients. Many fortune 500 companies are availing of our services and have always been satisfied with our services. Corporate Express, Inc operates in New York and other major geographical locations nationwide.

Drivers of Corporate Express have good experience in this field and most of them have been with the company for more than 5 years. All the drivers have passed through a drug test, driving tests and at regular intervals, they have been provided with expert training to master safe driving. We also provide medical insurance and other benefits to our drivers.

Corporate Express, Inc’s fleet includes vehicle models such as Ford E350, Ford E450, Ford 4DC, Thomas 130YN, Chevy 3500, MCI DL3 E, MCI TMC, MCI MC9, Prevost XL, Vanhool T945, GMC C5V, etc.

Charter bus rental service is always a good choice when you want to travel with your family members and experience some refreshing moments while you travel. Our Charter bus rental service is for all your occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, company outings, holiday trips, etc. We also provide a customized package based on your requirements and try to give you our best service at the required time.

Most of our vehicles are loaded with standard as well as additional amenities for luxurious services. Plush reclining seats, overhead storage, uniformed drivers, lavatory, air condition service, laser lightening, Television, stereo, DVD players, and in special cases Minibars are also attached.

Our Charter bus rental service will make sure that you are able to travel from your source to destination without any obstacles. We always make sure that your trip is time-disciplined and our humble staff will always try to give you the best service.

You always need the best service for your wedding, family gathering, marketing campaign, business deals, and business partners.

Corporate Express, Inc has been able to fulfill the requirements of all its clients for almost 30 years and its comforts, as well as cost-effective travel packages, are unmatchable. You can always ask for our service and we will make it economical and luxurious for your trip.

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So let your group enjoy a comfortable and luxurious trip to favorite destinations by demanding the service of Corporate Express. To inquire about our services you can talk to our Live Agent or send a query to our contact details. Our customer care is available 24/7 for your service and will try to clarify all your doubts and help you in customizing your trip package.