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Motor coach rental NY: Find the best quote for your daily travels!


Motor coach rental NY: Drive with safety and comfort without hassles!

Personal trips and vehicles have its own advantages but due to increase in the cost of vehicle insurance it is often frustrating to own a vehicle for long journeys. As the vehicle gets old again the maintenance cost puts some extra load on your pocket as they require more maintenance and change of old parts at regular intervals. Social status is one of the reasons for purchasing a new vehicle but for your finance and budget planning it can backfire and put you in jeopardy.

To solve this problem you can try to use vehicle rental services to cut down the cost and to ensure safety in long travels. There are different models and vehicles available in the market to meet your requirement of accommodation. Let it be your special events such as wedding or birthday parties, rental services is something you can rely on due to the fact that you will not be paying an extra attention for transportation and you can always try and concentrate on the main event.

Corporate Express, Inc has an experience of around 3 decades in the Travel industry and has always achieved excellence in its services.

The range of vehicles of Corporate Express includes Ford E350, Ford E450, Ford 4DC, Thomas 130YN, Chevy 3500, MCI DL3 E, MCI TMC, MCI MC9, Prevost XL, Van Hool T945, GMC C5V etc.

The condition of all the vehicles of Corporate Express is to its best and that will meet your requirements for comfortable and safe trip to your destinations.

Motor coach rental services of Corporate Express have always received satisfactory feedback from clients due to its comfortable accommodation and additional luxurious services.

Corporate Express has given New York one of the best rental services for vehicles since 1980 and is proud for its good credit with the clients.

Motor Coach Rental NYDeluxe Motor Coach Rental NY

Deluxe Motor coach of Corporate Express is providing services to many schools, colleges, institutes and sports clubs throughout the nation. Deluxe Motor coach of Corporate Express are known for their comfortable plush reclining seats, DVD player service, overhead storage, lavatory, 6-8 monitor screens and air condition. Deluxe coach will give you an experience of a safe trip with luxury.

Highway Motor Coach Rental NY

You can find one of the best ground transportation services in the form of our Highway Motor coach. Highway Motor coaches can provide accommodation up to 56 passengers. Highway Motor coach consists of modern amenities such as DVD players, lavatory, laser lightning, stereo, Television and the comfortable seats will give you a very safe and luxurious trip.

Corporate Express has a great concern for the safety of their customers and so all our drivers are highly experienced and they are always tested for health issues. Drivers also go through drug testing and before hiring they go through the process of a through history check.


You can always contact our 24/7 customer support through landline or send your query for customize quote. Our Live Agent service is always available to help you with your immediate queries and you can also contact us through mails or by filling out the forms for your queries.