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Charter Bus NYC

Charter bus NYC

Charter Bus NYC

Rental Transport For Every Occasion

 Whether you need charter bus rental, the best party bus rental nyc has, or just want to inquire about a bus rental with driver – Corporate Express, Inc. is ready to assist you every step of the way. Experts in all things rental transport, Corporate Express, Inc. has been providing premium rental transport solutions at accessible prices for over thirty years in business. More than just the supplier of the most reliable Charter Bus NYC has to offer, we can cater to all sorts of occasions, business or leisure, and pride ourselves on our flexibility. 

Our flexibility makes us different from other rental businesses in the area. We understand no two occasions are the same so why should they be treated the same? Each client we work with is treated as an individual and catered to as such. Whether you require the best Charter Bus NYC has to offer or the fastest airport shuttle available, you can be assured you’ll receive a tailored rental transport solution to suit you. We provide a multitude of options including but not limited to disabled vehicle access and onboard WIFI connectivity too.


 Diverse Options 

We provide more than the best Charter Bus NYC has, our fleet is massive. Our vehicle lot includes mini buses, coach buses, shuttle buses, passenger vans, and even limousines for those special occasions or occasions where you need to make a statement. We’re incredibly consistent and pride ourselves on our reliability, this is why we’ve been trusted to provide transport for major events from weddings and birthdays to business conferences, we can assist you no matter how many people you need to get to the destination. 

 We couldn’t be the provider of the most reliable Charter Bus NYC have if we didn’t have a fantastic team of professional drivers. At Corporate Express, Inc. we believe to provide you with the best we need to hire the best, we’ve done exactly that with our driving staff. Passionate professionals, know the ins and outs of New York and beyond and know the best routes to take to ensure you get to your destination on time and with a smile on your face.


 100% Convenient   

Effortless and carefree, our booking process is specifically designed to be easy. We know that booking with other rental companies can be tedious, you can spend hours on the phone and days doing a back and forward with emails. At Corporate Express, Inc. we’ve worked hard over our three decades in business to streamline the process as much as possible to ensure we only take up as much of your time as we have to. We don’t just value your business with us, we value and respect your time too which we hope you feel is a breath of fresh air when it comes to rental transport.


 Amazing Value!

Rates and prices are another part of our business at Corporate Express, Inc. that we pride ourselves on. Our three decades of experience in the rental transport solution industry means we know exactly where and how to squeeze every penny to ensure you’re getting great value no matter what you’re booking with us. That means that booking with the team at Corporate Express, Inc. means you can have total peace of mind that you’re getting the best rates, industry-wide. Booking with our service is great for groups of all sizes, big and small, with larger groups often dividing our rate up to make for an even cheaper trip to your destination.


 Contact Us ASAP

Book with us now! Our friendly team is ready to assist you every step of the way. All we need from you is to contact us with your itinerary ready so our team can get to work on creating a quote that you’ll be satisfied is great value and includes absolutely everything you need to make your journey with us a memorable one for all the right reasons. 


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