Bus Rental NYC

Bus rental NYC

Bus Rental NYC

Three Decades of Experience

 Do you want the best party bus rental nyc has to offer? Or do you need a coach bus rental to get the team to the big game? Maybe you need the most high-end luxury bus rental nyc has available for a big occasion – either way, you can find all the answers with the friendly team at Corporate Express, Inc. For over three decades in business, we’ve been providing the best Bus Rental NYC has to offer because we’re reliable, consistent, and importantly affordable. We provide an array of transport solutions for groups of all sizes and occasions of all sorts, leisure or business.   

 What makes us different from other Bus Rental NYC businesses is our ability to be flexible with each client we work with. We understand no two bookings are the same, so we never treat them as such. At Corporate Express, Inc. your booking will be handled with care and specificity to ensure a tailored and smooth rental transport solution. We offer an array of options should you need them, including but not limited to disabled access on specific vehicles as well as onboard WIFI connectivity should you need to stay connected during your journey with us. 


 Tons of Vehicle Options 

Great for any occasion at all, Corporate Express, Inc. has a diverse range of vehicles that allows us to work with you on almost anything. Our fleet includes but is not limited to charter buses, coach buses, mini buses, shuttle buses, passenger vans, and limousines for those special occasions. Speaking of special occasions, our reputation for reliability and consistency means that clients regularly trust us to provide rental transport for major events from weddings to business conferences, we offer total peace of mind when it comes to getting to your destination with ease and on time. 

 Corporate Express, Inc. wouldn’t have the reputation it does without our professional and unique driving staff. At Corporate Express, Inc. we believe to provide you with the best, we need to hire the best and that is exactly what we’ve done with our driving staff. No matter what you book with us at Corporate Express, Inc. we can provide you with an expert driver who knows the ins and outs of your destination and will use only the most reliable routes to get you there on time and with a smile on your face.


 Simple and Fast  

Effortless and carefree from booking to using the service, Corporate Express, Inc. has spent years fine-tuning our booking/quoting stages to ensure we’re conscious of your time. We don’t just value your business here at Corporate Express, Inc. we value your time too, which is why we work hard to ensure we ask the right questions and only take up as much of your time as we have to. We know that booking rental transport with other companies can be tedious but with Corporate Express, Inc. you can be assured that we’re conscious of that and do our best to make it a simple, prompt, and thorough experience. 


 We’re Ready For You!

Incredibly affordable, Corporate Express, Inc. has among the best rates in the industry. We’ve spent thirty years learning to squeeze every penny so we can provide great savings to our clients. Booking with Corporate Express, Inc. means you know you’re getting the best value industry-wide, every time. Booking with us is great for groups of all sizes and with big bookings, we often suggest the idea of dividing our rates among your group, as it is an amazing way to make rental transport even more economical than it already is with us. Don’t waste any more time juggling driver applications or trying to line up public transport with your schedule, why not have transport run to your schedule instead? Contact us now and let us show you how easy rental transport can be. 


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