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The next event you organize just got a lot easier because you can now leave your transportation needs in the professional and reliable hands of Corporate Express Inc. We have been expertly transporting people via our Bus Rental in Brooklyn and the rest of New York City for decades. With a deep understanding of the need for efficient and cost-effective transport, Corporate Express, Inc. offers a very flexible approach to your needs, because we know that every single customer is unique and of great importance. Being the premier Bus Rental in Brooklyn is not just achieved by having the top of line vehicles but also top of the line customer service which is why Corporate Express, Inc. prides itself on equipping each rental charter, rental coach, and mini bus rental with an experienced and friendly driver who will ensure you get to your destination safely and on time. 


Something for Any Occasion 


Whether it’s a business retreat, convention, sporting event, or even a bachelor party or bachelorette party, Corporate Express, Inc. can provide the perfect vehicle and driver for your occasion and can ensure that transport can be well and truly crossed off of your list of things to organize for your next event. Why deal with the stress of clashing with the city traffic when you can put your journey in the hands of people who’ve been successfully transporting people for decades? Corporate Express, Inc. equips every Bus Rental in Brooklyn with a driver who not only has a deep knowledge of Brooklyn and the entire New York City area but a driver who is also very passionate about what they do and the city they do it in too.


For Your Convenience 


 At Corporate Express, Inc. we pride ourselves on creating an effortless and carefree experience for you no matter what your circumstances are. We understand that your focus should be on your event, your guests, and your destination, and because of this, we take great steps to ensure that your needs are being not only met but exceeded throughout the whole experience, from booking with our friendly and pleasant customer service team to stepping onto your rental bus on the big day with a welcoming driver at the helm ready to take you to your destination with a smile on their face.



 Affordable and Reliable

Private transport is inexpensive and an effective means of getting everyone to your destination, regardless of if you’re organizing Mini Bus Rentals for small groups, a Charter Bus Rental or Coach Bus Rental for a large group, or party bus rental for a rowdy group to multiple locations. Savings can be pushed even more by splitting costs among the people you’re traveling with which is a popular option that many customers opt into doing. This makes booking through Corporate Express, Inc. a great option for getting around the city and beyond. The friendly customer service team is happy to accommodate your budget and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your dollar and with the additional option of splitting costs, why bother with public transport? 



 Experienced with Competitive Prices 


Over three decades of experience has made Corporate Express, Inc. one of the premier choices for private transport across New York City. This accomplishment comes from having a veteran team of customer service representatives and a knowledgeable driving crew that offer a service unparalleled in the area. Corporate Express, Inc. has spent years ensuring that their prices are economical, flexible, and importantly accessible to anyone who requires rental bus transport for any occasion.

 How to get started

Once you have all your itinerary information confirmed you can call Corporate Express, Inc. mainline and one of our approachable and friendly customer service representatives will be ready to take your call. The team handles each call with care and is ready to establish what kind of bus rental you’ll be needing based on your criteria which can include but is not limited to, group size, distance to travel as well as special considerations depending on the event. With affordable options, quality Bus Rental prices, and an eye for detail, the customer service team have a strong focus on ensuring customer satisfaction.  

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