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Shuttle Bus Manhattan

Reliable Transport, Every Time!

 If you’re looking for the most reliable Shuttle Bus Manhattan has to offer, look no further than the team at Corporate Express, Inc. Whether you need a hotel shuttle jfk to manhattan or a shuttle to newark airport, our friendly and expert staff can assist you with a rental transportation solution. We don’t just provide the best shuttle buses in the city, we provide a huge selection of vehicles to ensure we can cater for groups of all sizes and all sorts of occasions.

 Part of what separates us from other businesses in the industry is our flexibility, we go above and beyond to treat each client as an individual as we understand each person has different needs when it comes to their rental transport. We offer a range of additional options should you require them, whether you need disabled access on select vehicles or need to stay online with on-board WIFI connectivity, we can assist you every step of the way. 

 Anything You Need, We Have It 

Corporate Express, Inc. is great for every occasion, whether you need the best Shuttle Bus Manhattan has to offer to get you to the airport or one of our classy limousines to make a statement at the business meeting, our friendly staff can make it happen. Our reliability is something we pride ourselves on at Corporate Express, Inc. which is why people have trusted us with all sorts of big occasions including weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, and business functions.

 Our reliability and consistency don’t just come from our huge range of vehicle options, it also comes from our professional and friendly team of drivers. At Corporate Express, Inc. we are firm believers that to provide you with the best service we have to hire the best people for the job and that is absolutely what we have done with our driving team. Each of our drivers is passionate about what they do and has a deep knowledge of the best routes for your journey, traveling with us means you can be assured you’ll always arrive on time no matter what your destination may be.

 Simple and Quick 

Specifically designed to be effortless and carefree, Corporate Express, Inc. has a unique booking service that is conscious of how much of your time we’re taking up. We know that renting transport can be tedious and often stressful, so we’ve worked hard for thirty years to ensure our booking and quoting process is simple, thorough, and prompt. At Corporate Express, Inc. we don’t just value your business, we value your time too. So whether you’re booking the best Shuttle Bus Manhattan has to offer or the smoothest limousine in town, you can be assured that the booking process will be a breeze.

 Always Affordable 

An inexpensive & effective alternative to public transport, Corporate Express, Inc. is a fantastic option for your group. Our service is incredibly affordable as we’ve spent years fine-tuning our rates to ensure they are always competitive and accessible for our clients. We understand you don’t want to break the bank, even if you’re booking the best Shuttle Bus Manhattan has available. Our service is great for groups of all sizes and with larger groups, you can save even more money by splitting costs among your group. 

 Don’t Waste Time!

Don’t waste any more time surfing the web for transport solutions, our friendly and dynamic team at Corporate Express, Inc. are ready to assist you with your transport needs. Our goal is to let you focus on the things that matter while we focus on what we do best, provide affordable, reliable, and consistent rental transport solutions. At Corporate Express, Inc. your journey is our pleasure and that will be evident in the unrivaled service you receive every step of the way!

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