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Charter Buses Long Island

Charter buses Long Island

Charter Buses Long Island

Thirty Years of Experience

 Corporate Express, Inc. has been serving New York and beyond for over thirty years, providing unbeatable rental transportation solutions that include long distance charter bus rental to limousine rental. Our dynamic team of transportation experts knows exactly what it takes to ensure you and your group arrive at your destination with ease. Our focus primarily is on flexibility which is what separates us from other rental transportation companies in the area. 

 We lovingly provide the best Charter Buses Long Island has to offer but our reputation is much more than that, ultimately we provide total convenience and reliability when it comes to ensuring you arrive at your destination promptly and importantly completely stress-free. Being one of the most sought after Long Island Bus Company, we pride ourselves on providing consistently good service to every client and we achieve that by treating each client as an individual, our process is dynamic, ensuring that we cover any request you may have in regards to getting to your destination.

 Unmatched Reliability 

Corporate Express, Inc. has built a reputation on being reliable for over thirty years, to maintain that reputation we go above and beyond to be able to offer you any vehicle for any occasion. We’ve provided transport for all sorts of occasions, including but not limited to weddings, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, religious ceremonies, business functions, and music festivals. We can provide transport services for all those occasions because of the diverse fleet of vehicles we have at Corporate Express, Inc. Our fleet includes Mini buses, Charter buses, Coach Buses, Passenger Vans, Shuttle buses, and Limousines. So whether you need a coach bus to get the team to the big game or a long island wine bus for a tour, Corporate Express, Inc. will have the answer for you.


 Total Ease  

Above all, Corporate Express, Inc. aim for total convenience not just in the service we provide but also with our booking and quoting process. We want to ensure that we don’t just appreciate your business, we value your time as well. This is why our quoting process is specifically designed to be carefree, stress-free, and prompt. Arranging Charter Buses Long Island is a breeze with us, our friendly and dynamic team knows exactly what to ask to ensure no small detail is missed when it comes to arranging your schedule and quote. Corporate Express, Inc. doesn’t just provide great transportation, we provide you the ability to focus on your day and not the ins and outs of how you’re getting to your destination.

 Competitive Rates

You may be thinking that arranging the best Charter Buses Long Island has to offer must be expensive, but you’d be mistaken. Corporate Express, Inc. has worked for years to ensure we provide you with not just the best rental transportation services, but we provide you with great value to accompany them. Our quoting process is dynamic and we take into account all of your needs including your budget. Being in the industry for over thirty years means we know exactly how to be competitive among our peers. We recommend our service to groups of all sizes and often with larger groups insist on splitting costs among your party, as it’s a great way to increase your savings.

 Truly Stress-Free Transport

Whether you’re looking for the best Charter Buses Long Island has to offer or the smoothest Limousine in town, Corporate Express, Inc. is here to ensure your transportation needs are met with ease. Don’t waste time figuring out public transport for your group and trying to make sure everyone arrives on time, let us handle all the complexities of your journey. At Corporate Express, Inc. we love it when a good plan comes together and we get to see that happen every day, with every client we work with. Book now and experience truly stress-free transport.

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