Bus Service Long Island

Bus service Long Island

Bus Service Long Island

Consistently Reliable

 Corporate Express, Inc. has been consistently providing a reliable transportation service for over thirty years now and shows no signs of slowing down. We provide a multitude of options for our clients from coach buses to tour buses, limousines to passenger vans we likely have a transport solution to suit your group and occasion. As one of the most sought after Bus Service Long Island has to offer, Corporate Express, Inc. work hard to ensure we can assist you with any journey you have planned.

 Our focus primarily is flexibility, we believe that every client has individual needs that need to be met for their journey to be a relaxing one which is our ultimate goal. Because of this we provide an array of optional alternatives including but not limited to disabled access on certain vehicles and on-board internet connectivity to ensure you’re online throughout your entire journey with us at Corporate Express, Inc. 

 Something For Any Occasion 

Weddings, Religious Ceremonies, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties, Music Festivals, Graduations, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Business conferences, it doesn’t matter what the occasion is we can and have covered it before. We can provide this diversity as one of the best Bus Service Long Island has to offer because we have such a huge selection of vehicles available to our clients. Our fleet includes but is not limited to limousines, mini buses, charter buses, coach buses, shuttle buses, and passenger vans which opens us up to all sorts of possibilities for our clients. 

 Being the best Bus Service Long Island has to offer is only possible because of our unique team of professional driving staff. Our drivers are the best of the best, each of which has a deep knowledge of the best routes to use based on your itinerary and schedule. Our drivers are passionate about what they do which is why you’ll be able to sit back and relax while they ensure you arrive at your destination with time to spare and a smile on your face.

 Couldn’t Be Easier  

Corporate Express, Inc. goes above and beyond to ensure we create a carefree and effortless experience and not just during your journey. Our booking process is specifically designed to be simple, effective, and prompt. We don’t just value your business here at Corporate Express, Inc. we value your time too which is why our staff have an attention to detail to ensure your quote is put together thoroughly and quickly. Being the best Bus Service Long Island has to offer comes down to providing you total convenience every step of the way and at Corporate Express, Inc. we’re confident we have that covered too.

 Always Great Value

Booking with Corporate Express, Inc. is affordable and accessible. Our thirty years of providing transportation services allow us to know exactly how to remain competitive in the industry in regards to rates. We’ve squeezed every penny to ensure that you’re not just being provided with top-quality reliable transport, but you’re being provided with affordable and accessible transportation too. Our friendly team of customer service experts also often suggests that large bookings split costs among their group to increase the already great savings further.

 Ready To Assist You

Experience completely effortless travel today with Corporate Express, Inc. Our team are ready to assist you with all your rental transportation needs and thrive on creating a unique and memorable transportation experience that will leave you wondering why you were wasting time looking at public transport options or scrolling through driver apps on your phone. We love seeing a good plan come together which is fortunate for Corporate Express, Inc. because we’ve been successfully achieving that for thirty years and will continue to do so.

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