Brooklyn NY Charter Bus Rental & Mini Coach Rentals Near Me

Bus rental Brooklyn

Brooklyn Charter Bus Rental & Mini Coach Rentals Near Me

Transport Made Easy

 Corporate Express, Inc. is one of the best bus rental services in New York because we can provide a huge selection of options for our clients depending on their specific needs. Need minibus rentals for your bachelor party? No problem, need a charter bus rental to get the team to the big game? We’ve got you covered, need a coach bus rental for a shopping trip? That’s a breeze. Corporate Express, Inc. has handled all sorts of occasions which is why we’re one of the best Bus Rental Brooklyn services. 


 Our customer service team has spent years refining our services to ensure that we are the most flexible transport solution company on the market. We ensure each client is treated as an individual as we understand everyone’s needs are different and may require different services. Our team has a talent for defining quickly what you’ll need to make your journey with us a total breeze.

 Anything You Need 

Whether you need a coach bus for the big game or even a limousine for your bachelor party, Corporate Express, Inc. has exactly what you need to make your next group outing easy and stress-free. Our diversity is achieved by having a huge selection of options vehicle-wise, including but not limited to mini buses, coach buses, charter buses, passenger vans, shuttle buses, and even limousines. We’re much more than just the best bus rental Brooklyn has to offer, we provide transport solutions for every occasion, anytime, anywhere. 

 No matter which vehicle you book with us, our vehicles always arrive with a friendly and professional driver that knows your route like the back of their hand. Our drivers take great pride in creating a relaxing and safe journey for each client and they’ve been consistently doing that for over thirty years now. We can provide the best with Corporate Express, Inc. because we only hire the best at Corporate Express, Inc. 

 We Value Your Business  

Our goal at Corporate Express, Inc. is to provide total convenience, from the moment you contact us about booking transport to the moment you step off one of our vehicles at your destination. We enjoy creating carefree travel experiences, so why stress about transport for you and your group, when you don’t have to? Let the experts at Corporate Express, Inc. handle it for you. Our booking process is specifically designed to be easy and conscious of your time, we don’t just value your business, we value your time too, and this is another feature that makes us one of the most valuable Bus Rental Brooklyn services.

 Great Value

You may be thinking that being the best Bus Rental Brooklyn Service must mean that our services at Corporate Express, Inc. must be expensive and unobtainable. You’d be mistaken! Over our thirty years in business, we’ve learned a lot about providing great value and huge savings onto our clients, we know how to squeeze every penny so you can be sure that no matter how big your group is or where your desired destination maybe, you’ll be getting the best possible value from our customer service team. We recommend our services to groups of all sizes, for any occasion, however with larger groups, we do suggest splitting costs among your group, it’s a fantastic way to save even more. 

 Book Now!

Don’t waste any more of your time stressing about getting you and your friend to the party, contact Corporate Express, Inc., and let us show you what truly stress-free transport can be like. Our friendly staff looks forward to assisting you with your journey as creating reliable and dependable transport experiences is something that we all thrive on here at Corporate Express, Inc.

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These guys were great!! So easy to book and we’re great at accommodating any changes I had to make. The driver was wonderful and the bus worked out great for my out of town guests. Thank you so much!!
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