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First Step Bus Company Brooklyn

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 Corporate Express, Inc. is one of the most renowned Bus Company Brooklyn has to offer because of our reliability. For over thirty years clients have been trusting us to get them to their destination, no matter what the occasion is or how big their group is. Our experience in transport solutions and bus rental means that we stand out among our competition as the premier company for your travel needs. Our customer service team focuses hard on flexibility, we believe that is the key to providing you with unmatched rental transport services. Each client is different, therefore we treat each client as an individual to ensure we provide you with a customized experience specifically suited to your needs.

 We’ve Got You Covered 

Corporate Express, Inc. has a reputation for being diverse, we provide a multitude of options which is why school bus companies in Brooklyn have often entrusted us with providing school buses. We can provide vehicles for any occasion, we’ve provided limousines for weddings and parties, we’ve provided coach buses for sporting events and charter buses for shopping trips, and there isn’t much that we can’t cater for. We can even offer disabled access on selected vehicles as well as on-board WIFI access should you and your group need to be online for the duration of the journey with us. 

 No matter which vehicle you rent with us, we provide an industry topping expert driver that has a fantastic skillset who’s able to provide you with a smooth and prompt journey to your destination. Our drivers are passionate about what they do and therefore take great pride in knowing the best routes to ensure that you arrive at your event with time to spare and a smile on your face, this is another reason we’re one of the most sought-after Bus Company Brooklyn has. 

 Complete Convenience   

We’re known specifically for our convenience, we’re able to provide specific vehicles at very short notice which is why we’ve often provided for nyc school bus companies. Our convenience starts from the very first time you contact us, you’ll experience our carefully designed booking process that is specifically put together to be simple and quick. We don’t just value your business at Corporate Express, Inc. we value your time too, which is why our friendly customer service team goes above and beyond to quickly assess what vehicle you need and when. Why bother with the stress of public transport or application-based drivers when you can experience truly carefree travel with Corporate Express, Inc.? Focus on your day and not how you’re going to get around. 

 The Best Rates

Being a sought-after Bus Company Brooklyn means providing top quality rates and prices. Our rates are something that we pride ourselves on, over thirty years in the transport solution industry means we have a lot of experience at squeezing every penny and making it go far, which means we can pass on a lot of savings onto the customer. We don’t just provide you with top-quality rental transport services, but we provide great value to match it. It doesn’t matter what size your group is, we can assist you, we do suggest large groups split their costs among their group as it’s an amazing way to save even more money on your transport.

 Your Journey Begins Now!

Don’t waste any more time looking at public bus timetables or confusing train schedules, stop stressing over all the driving apps on your phone, let the best Bus Company Brooklyn has ever seen handle your next journey. Getting to your destination is important and at Corporate Express, Inc. we understand that, and we thrive on ensuring that you arrive at your destination, stress-free and on time.  

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