Bus Companies Bronx

bus companies Bronx

Bus Companies Bronx

Premier Rental Bus Options


 Corporate Express, Inc. is one of the premier rental bus transport services in New York. With three decades of experience in offering top-of-the-range transport experiences to every one of our clients, we know exactly what it takes to provide quality, stress-free travel. Being one of the best Bus Companies Bronx is no small feat, but we’ve spent years fine-tuning our services to ensure that we maintain our reputation as the best alternative transport solution in New York. 


 Our primary focus is customer satisfaction and we achieve this by being flexible to your needs, we’ve provided a multitude of transport solutions to private groups and have even assisted school bus companies in queens and school bus companies in the bronx with an array of school bus services. 


 We Can Help! 


Corporate Express, Inc. pride itself on being able to assist you for any occasion, weddings, parties, business functions, sporting events, music festivals, and even conventions, we can move you and your party no matter how big or small it may be. With a fleet of diverse vehicles including but not limited to, Limousines, Charters, Coaches, Vans, and even school buses, we can provide an answer to your transport problem.


 Being one of the premier Bus Companies Bronx has available is something we’ve worked hard to achieve over years of service to our clients. Being one of the most trusted nyc school bus companies is something we’ve done by providing reliable and trustworthy rental bus transport, that always delivers people on time to their destination regardless of the occasion. Eliminate the stress of public transport and all the questions that can come with it, including will there be room? Will it run on time? Can everyone afford it? All of these stresses can be avoided completely by traveling with us at Corporate Express, Inc. 


 Relaxing Travel Every Time


What makes us one of the best Bus Companies Bronx has on offer is our ability to create a carefree and relaxing transport experience. Traveling across New York, via public transport or even driving yourself can be incredibly stressful and daunting but we have a passion for arranging a solution. Each of Corporate Express, Inc.’s vehicles comes with an experienced and passionate driver behind the wheel who knows the best routes across New York, ensuring you’ll always get to your destination as planned with us. We don’t just offer great travel experiences at affordable prices, we offer total peace of mind for each of our clients.


 Unbeatable Rates


Being one of the best Bus Companies Bronx has available is largely due to our Inexpensive & easy to arrange quotes. Our dynamic team of friendly customer service professionals carefully craft your quote, ensuring they don’t miss any small details. Smooth travel is all about covering all the small details, which is why our staff are attentive and informative, covering everything to create a quote that is of great value and meets all your requirements. Whilst we offer great value, we often encourage large groups to split their costs among their group as this can make us an even more affordable alternative to public transport or driving yourself.


 Thorough Quotes


Booking with Corporate Express, Inc. is a piece of cake. We go above and beyond to create a prompt and thorough quoting experience that ensures we don’t waste any of your time. We don’t just value your patronage, we value your time too! That’s why we do our best to be straight to the point so you can get on with your day. Corporate Express, Inc. is one of the most effortless travel experiences you can have, from the moment you book to the moment you step on and off one of our great vehicles.  

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My family regularly uses their services. They are adept at finding the cheapest rates and creating multi-destination tours, with convenienc of travel times.
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