Small Party Bus Rental Nyc

Why pause your party on the way? Now with our party bus rental from Small Party Bus Rental Nyc, you can continue your party on the way, you need not halt your celebrations and fun just because you are on the road. We offer you a spacious and sturdy bus to have a celebration with your friend’s group. Our buses are small but big enough to accommodate all your party elements inside the bus. You can easily bring along your excited friends who are not ready to pause the celebrations only because you have to travel to another place. Our party buses are made specifically so that your party can take place without any problem. Small Party Bus Rental Nyc offers you buses that can accommodate 14 to 16 passengers.

Our buses are ideal for small celebrations of friends or family. They can be rented for an after-wedding party, a birthday celebration, or a small get-together party. Party buses from Small Party Bus Rental Nyc are no less than a party hall when it comes to sturdiness and ambiance. The lighting of our party bus is enough to set up the ambiance and mood for the party. You can also customize the decoration of the bus’s interior to your liking. You can also choose different kinds of buses as per your need and budget, the bus collection of Small Party Bus Rental Nyc has different kinds of buses including chartered buses, Luxury buses. Likewise, you get the best quality buses at the most reasonable prices. Party buses have an elegant and classy exterior which is well-maintained and has a nice looking exterior. The interior of the buses is spacious and luxurious looking, where maintenance is taken great care of.

Small Party Bus Rental Nyc helps you successfully make memorable and happening parties a success. Our party buses can be used for various occasions and trips where you want to enjoy the journey and make just not your destination fun but also help you in making the whole journey fun and filled with happy memories.


Small Party Bus Rental Nyc has buses that are available to you in the best conditions along with a well-trained and professional driver to ensure that your parties are not just fun, but also that you can travel safely from one place to another. While you are busy having fun with your guests, our drivers take you safely to your destination.

Amenities that are provided by Small Party Bus Rental Nyc:

Our buses have comfortable seats that are large and well-cushioned. Also, there are all the entertainment needs available on our buses, our buses have excellent music systems and lighting installed so that your party keeps going on inside the bus. There are LED-illuminated lights that are suitable for both day and night parties. There are also open buses available that you can choose from our websites, there are different buses available on our websites that are suitable for different occasions and moods.

There is also a VIP bar with a skilled bartender available on our bus to make your party more fun and lively. You can also hire a host for your bus party. All your needs like drinks and snacks would be taken care of by us. Corporate Express Inc Team ensures that your guests are kept well-entertained and well-taken care of.

Corporate Express Inc buses are also well-ventilated and properly air-conditioned to make it comfortable inside. All these facilities and amenities are provided at an affordable price that is both reasonable and transparent.