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Shuttle Service During Covid 19

We Offer You Highly Safe And Secured Shuttle Service During Covid 19 Times


Covid-19 has changed the way people live, interact and travel. There have been so many drastic changes that have happened at the global level because of this pandemic. Here we will focus on the travel industry and how the private shuttle services have been impacted by the same.

Both for leisure and business travel, passenger transport has witnessed striking changes in the current pandemic times. The transportation industry is the backbone of any economy and is essential for sustainable mobility in the long run. Even now, people rely heavily on public and private transport systems to commute. Consequently, service providers use the latest transportation systems that are powered by evolving technologies and new business models to provide the best services to their customers.

The future of mobility is more efficient, sustainable, equitable, and convenient, all thanks to the latest technological developments happening in the world.


Why Choose Us?

At Corporateexpressinc, we understand that Covid-19 has impacted the passenger transport demand drastically. There has been a reduction in the number of people choosing public transport because of the fears of contracting and spreading the virus while using mass transport modes.

As a result, the private shuttle service during Covid 19 has gained momentum. Our primary focus is on minimizing:

  • The close contact situations for the passengers.
  • Crowded Spaces for the passengers and
  • Closed spaces can cause discomfort to travelers. Thus, we ensure proper ventilation for all the passengers.

We also follow low occupancy rates to reduce the risk of contagion and overcrowded spaces.  Our USP is our well-equipped buses and friendly staff who look after the passenger needs. Also, our primary interest is to ensure passenger safety and comfort. 


We follow the highest Standards of Sanitization:


To ensure the highest degree of sanitization, we adopt stricter cleaning protocols. Our team strictly follows the authorities’ guidelines and thus thoroughly sanitizes all the vehicles per the COVID Protocols. All the passengers, therefore, get a safe and secured Private Shuttle Service During Covid 19. 

We incorporate Electrostatic Sprayer Technology to sanitize the vehicles, which differs from traditional dry and wet dusting. This process involves the spraying of electrostatically charged mist directly onto the surfaces.

This mist is a unique solution that uses air and an electrode to atomize the solution within, thereby generating positively charged particles that adhere to all the surfaces and cling to them firmly.

This method is cleaner and much more efficient than others.


We make your Travel convenient and Hassle-free:

We provide smooth bus services across several cities in the United States and create convenience for many travelers. Our array of travel services also include the Private Shuttle Service During Covid 19. 

You can choose the services that best suit your requirements as well as your budget.


Value for money is what we offer:

Our USP is the competitive pricing that we provide all our customers. We offer them value for money on all our services, so they do not have to think twice before availing of our services.

We have a Shuttle Service During Covid 19 to accommodate a varied number of travelers. We can accommodate both large and small numbers of passengers. However, the prices for the same vary depending on the shuttle service you select and the number of people traveling.

To know about the cost, please feel free to connect with our highly experienced team, who will walk you through our services.

For more details, contact us today 973-350-8200.

We are always ready to serve you and provide you with hassle-free transportation to your destination.