Express Bus Bronx To Manhattan

Express Bus Bronx To Manhattan


New York is a place where tourists come from all around the world because of the experience, and the various tourist attractions it offers. Therefore, the need for convenient yet fast means of transport from one place to another arises. Express Bus Bronx To Manhattan provides the passenger with a safe and comfortable journey from the Bronx to Manhattan. The distance from the Bronx (New York, USA) to Manhattan (New York, USA) is 9.6 miles which takes around 59 minutes when traveling through normal public buses, but the journey becomes quick when traveling by Express bus.


Choosing public transport over your own vehicle is a wise decision one can make, it is one of the sensible decisions that could be taken to work against controlling increasing pollution.

There are many reasons that make taking an express bus a better choice:

  • Using public transport helps in reducing air as well as noise pollution. It also helps in reducing road congestion as the more people that travel by public transport the fewer cars would be on the road
  • It saves you the stress of driving through the busy and crowded streets of New York.
  • With the growing inflation and fuel prices to maintain a car is too expensive.
  • Taking the express bus is less stressful as it takes away the stress of driving as someone else takes control of that.
  • Finding parking places in crowded streets is a pain in the neck, and also you can save up on the exorbitant parking charges.


Although local buses solve the issue of pollution and maintaining your own car the time that takes to travel from one place to another causes people to shy away from using these public transports but our Express Bus resolves this issue by making the journey quick and hassle-free.

Express bus offers a higher service level, Express Bus fleet is made up of a more comfortable and elegant style. They offer you reclining and cushioned seats that you won’t find on local inter-city bus travel.

Express bus provides faster commute as, unlike local buses, they do not take numerous halts and immediate stops at every bus stop. They pick and drop in only one direction which makes them again more rapid.

Taking an Express Bus from the Bronx to Manhattan is the swiftest yet most affordable means of transport. They come with large leg space which makes long-distance travel comfortable and convenient.

It provides a spacious cabinet for luggage storage. Proper ventilation and air conditioning are provided on the bus for the convenience of the passenger. Cleanliness and hygienic conditions are maintained to the utmost limit.

Our drivers are well-trained and experienced to take care of the safety of the passengers. Passengers can safely travel to their destination whether it is for business or pleasure while our drivers will ensure their safety.

Taking Express Bus is an easy and hassle-free process. It can easily replace the need of buying your own car and paying a hefty sum for its maintenance and then worry about finding parking space for it. Instead, travel through the Express Bus while traveling from the Bronx to Manhattan and travel affordably and on time.