Different Types Of Sprinter Van

Sprinter Vans are the light, commercial vehicles that are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. You can easily spot them in your locality, carrying passengers through various different areas. Sprinter vans are more spacious and more versatile in use than normal vans. There are sprinter vans for your various needs and occasions, whatever be your requirement and occasion you can get a sprinter van suitable for your needs from us. Renting a sprinter van has become easy, affordable and a quick process because of our rental services.

There are sprinter vans of different capacities that can carry passengers ranging from 14 to over 40 passengers. Different models of sprinter vans are available to you at different price ranges, also we also provide you with options to add your own customizations easily from our website and very minimal charges.

Therefore, be your small travel needs with your family for daily commute, or transporting your friend’s group on a trip you can contact us on our website https://www.corporateexpressinc.com/ and get the experience of our hassle-free travel partners. Our sprinter van come with different options and services. You get the freedom to completely organize each and every step of your travel by our services. Our sprinter vans come with the option of both chauffeured and non-chauffeured sprinter van option.


With the growing popularity of sprinter vans, new and different sprinter vans models are being available in the market. All these types of sprinter vans cater to different needs and occasions. You can easily rent various types of sprinter van from our website easily and without any complicated procedure. Different types of sprinter vans that are available are:

  • Sprinter Vans Meant For Parties:

These vans are specifically for organizing small on-road parties, you need not book any fancy party hall for having a blast on your parties. Our sprinter vans are available to you to accommodate all your celebrations without any interruptions. This type of sprinter van beautifully combines both the comfort that our sprinter vans offer and the luxury for your parties. No party would ever be dull when held on our sprinter vans. Sprinter vans that serve this function are sturdy and have both luxurious and elegant interior as well as exterior. Our different types of sprinter van are excellent at setting up the mood and ambience of a lit party. 

  • Sprinter Vans Meant For Carrying Cargo:

These types of sprinter vans are excellent in carrying all types of cargo to any distance be it short or long. These sprinter vans are exceptionally sturdy to be able to withstand the load of heavy goods for a long period of types without requiring frequent maintenance. Our Sprinter Vans are also useful in the transportation of fragile and handle with care items. The ride becomes such smooth on our sprinter vans that no item is damaged during the transit.

  • Sprinter Vans Meant For Daily Travel And Commute:

Our travel services also help you in saving the hassle and discomfort of travelling in public transport as you can choose our different types of sprinter van as your go-to stop for any of your travel need. You can also use our sprinter vans to commute daily between your office or colleges. Our sprinter vans can also be used for various trips. They are the best options for long-distanced trip as the trip becomes smooth and swift when you choose our services. Our sprinter vans are super comfortable to travel with.

So, whatever your requirement get our excellent services and choose different types of sprinter van from our website https://www.corporateexpressinc.com/