Corporate Express

corporate express

Corporate Express, Inc.: All-in-one solution for rental vehicles 

It is always a big task when travel is been planned with a group of people it can be used for a journey or reaching an event. Many things need to be kept in mind while planning such events. For instance, the number of passengers and vehicles (if required), travel itinerary, dates/time, and destinations

but with Corporate Express, Inc. handling all these kinds of stuff will be a cakewalk. Corporate Express, Inc. has a wide range of vehicles according to the requirements of their customers and for the events

It’s all about safety and comfort

Corporate Express, Inc. provides rental buses for a wide range of events from school picnics and events which is for children to Senior Trip for age group from 25 and above so safety and comfort are important and unavoidable services

Trained and experienced Driver at your service 

As we mentioned safety is the necessary thing which has the important aspects i.e., drivers. Our Drivers are highly trained professionals with pre-employment background checks and a proven track record in their fields, so you know that you are in good hands 

The following are some of the trips for which rental vehicles are provided: 

  • Wedding
  • Corporate Event
  • Convention
  • School/ College events
  • Theme park
  • Political Event
  • Cruise Shuffle
  • Airport Shuffle
  • Sports Team
  • Senior Trip
  • Family Reunion
  • Parties
  • Employee transportation
  • Festivals
  • Branch offices
  • Important meetings
  • Tourist navigation & much more!

Special requirements provided

With basic requirements, Corporate Express, Inc. provides some special requirements such as a wheelchair ramp, Wi-Fi, television screens, and more by providing you with the appropriate vehicle.

Procedure for bookings 

Our trained and experienced customer representatives will guide you through all the required procedures which will guide us in choosing a suitable vehicle according to your event. You have to share some important details which will make it easy for us to deliver the best services.

Describe your needs, including:

  • The number of passengers
  • Number of vehicles (if required)
  • Detailed itinerary of travel
  • Travel dates/times
  • Destinations
  • Special requirements
  •  vehicle preference

After providing these, you will receive an email from our authorities containing all costs involved.

Corporate Express, Inc. has experience in these fields for over 35 years. Our team works in every possible way to provide you with the best traveling experience of your life. Nowadays roads are not safe but we aim to provide you the safety so that you can enjoy your journey and don’t think about other things because we are here to take care of all that matters and that’s why you chose us.