Cheapest Place To Rent A 12 Passenger Van

A game-changing solution for group travel is both dependable and affordable. Corporate Express, Inc. is your go-to shuttle service provider, whether you’re an employer in need of staff transportation, a group of ladies on a night out, a senior group on a day excursion, a student touring your campus, or anybody else. We take the stress out of group travel and provide a variety of convenient and elegant 12-seater van alternatives thanks to our 35+ years of experience in the bus rental and shuttle bus service industries.

Why Choose Corporate Express, Inc.?

When it comes to group travel, no one size fits all, and at Corporate Express, Inc., we get that. That’s why we provide a wide variety of vans that can seat 12, so we can meet your requirements. We offer the most affordable and hassle-free group travel options because of the following reasons:

  • 35+ Years of Experience: We’ve been working hard for more than three decades to perfect our offerings. We’re dedicated to making your group trip go off without a hitch, and we know the ins and outs of group travel.
  • Professional Team: Our hardworking staff knows their way around every facet of group travel. They are there to take care of every aspect of your vacation, from mapping out your itinerary to making sure you have a pleasant ride.
  • Experienced Drivers: Security is always our first concern. Not only are our drivers experts at getting you where you need to go, but they also know how to make sure everyone in your party has a good time.
  • Wide Selection of Vans: We have a variety of 12-seater vans available, from economical models to those with plush interiors. Your organization is free to pick the van that best fits its requirements and budget.

The Cheapest Place to Rent A 12 Passenger Van

Corporate Express, Inc. is the solution when you need cheap service without sacrificing safety and quality. We have affordable options for customers with varying budgets. Our low rates make us the best value when it comes to renting a van that can accommodate 12 people.

  • Open and Honest Pricing: Pricing policies at Corporate Express, Inc. are always open and easy to understand. All of the costs associated with using our services are listed upfront, so there are no surprises. You get exactly what you see.
  • Flexible Rental Options: We realize that the requirements of your organization will vary. Because of this, you may rent a van from us for as little as an hour or as long as a month. Only for actual usage do you incur costs.
  • No Compromises on Quality: Although our options are budget-friendly, we always strive for service quality. Traveling in our clean, well-maintained vans with our experienced drivers will be a breeze.

Corporate Express, Inc. can help you find cheap group travel.

Want to find the best place to rent a van for 12 people? Don’t look any further! Corporate Express, Inc. has been renting buses and providing shuttle service for over 35 years and offers the best value. We’ve learned how to make group travel cheap without sacrificing quality. Our professional staff and skilled drivers make sure that we are on time and safe.

Our wide range of valuable and comfortable shuttle buses can help you whether you’re a business owner who needs to transport employees, planning a girls’ night out, a city tour, helping seniors, or setting up college travel. No need to guess; let us help you find your way with precision. Your money will be grateful. Today is the day to book with Corporate Express, Inc.