Airport Shuttle NYC

It’s no wonder that New York City is a famous place to visit, with nearly limitless industry and hospitality possibilities. Finding a convenient shuttle to and from JFK airport, whether you’re a tourist or a resident, can be challenging. You need vehicles that will get you to your venue on time and free of the hassle of managing a crowded environment.

We at Corporate Express Inc understand how important flexibility and convenience are to you. We will assist you in finding a dependable New York City airport.                                       

What services you can expect from us.


Service delivered to your doorstep 

We believe that your travel should be as smooth as reasonable at Corporate Express Inc of New York. We have door-to-door service to offer our customers a consistent experience. We’ll take you home and drop you off directly at your JFK airport, allowing you to avoid crowded main exits, parking lots, and overcrowded. 

Secure rides 

We’ll prioritize your protection above all else. Our professional drivers will ensure that you arrive safely and on schedule. If you’re traveling alone or at a party, we’ll do whatever we can to keep you and your luggage safe. Regardless of how congested New York City traffic might be, you can trust that our drivers will look after you. 

Arrival on schedule 

You have to provide your airport shuttle to respect consistency as much as you do while heading to a crowded airport like JFK. When you travel with Corporate Express Inc, we’ll properly schedule your journey to confirm you arrive at your international airport on schedule. 

How many bags are we allowed to bring? 

Our baggage strategy resembles that of airlines. Each traveler is allowed two checked bags and two personal items. Massive quantities of luggage can incur additional charges. For more particulars, see our excessive and extra baggage rule. 

Is it possible to fly with a pet? 

We allow pets on our shuttles and adhere to the ADA’s standards for service animals. A lap carrier is permitted for pets weighing less than 25 pounds. We need travelers with pets weighing more than 25 pounds to book a non-stop shuttle.                                                          

                                              BENEFITS OF BEING INBOUND 


We know that getting to your hotel as soon as possible after traveling in New York is what everyone wants, particularly after a long day of going through multiple security screenings and long hours of flight time with standard time changes. If you’re flying into LGA, EWR, or JFK, we’ll get you to Manhattan quickly and safely. Once your luggage has been secured, you can relax and enjoy the trip in our luxurious airport shuttle, which will take you directly from Airport to your hotel.

You can also use our cockpit Wi-Fi to notify your loved ones that you have safely arrived. As soon as we arrive at your hotel, our courteous staff will assist you in removing your luggage from the airport shuttle. All that’s left for you to do now is check into your hotel, settle into your bed, and either enjoy or begin exploring New York. Isn’t it promising?

                                               BENEFITS OF GOING OUTSIDE 


A long day inside of you is not anything to be excited about. With our shuttle service from your hotel to JFK, EWR, or LGA, we want to make sure that at the very least, your airport transition is comfortable and secure. After our shuttle arrives in front of your Manhattan hotel, our helpful driver will assist you in loading your suitcases into the bus and removing it from the

shuttle at your location.

If you’re flying into or out of New York, travel can be frustrating at times. That’s why we came up with the idea for the New York Airport Shuttle. A spacious bus with Wi-Fi that safely transports you from the airport to the hotel.