15 Passenger Van Rental Brooklyn

Corporate Express Inc. is a service provider that remains available to vital connectivity and mobility needs. We are dedicated and willing to help you get anywhere you need to go.

The best transportation option for family members and teams is to rent a 15-passenger van. The 15 passenger vehicles have a clever and elegant design, providing additional space and comfortable seats for a community of children and adults.

Suppose you’re in cities with your friends for a significant business conference or seeing Big Apple’s most important attractions with your family. In that case, a 15-passenger van rental Brooklyn is a great way to travel with a big group. Our fleet offers 12-seater and 15-seater options from leading manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Kia, and Toyota. If you book with us a passenger car, you will have access to a model that offers enough legroom and cargo room and benefits such as a long-distance.

Benefits of Renting a Passenger Van in Brooklyn

  • A Spacious Interior: Our spacious & affordable 15-Passenger Van Rentals in New York are ideal for big groups, sporting goods and other freight.
  • Useful Perks: You will benefit from the many advantages we offer, such as extended travel distances that allow you to drive as freely as you want and bookable extras to tailor your rental.
  • New Passenger Vans: You promise that your car is not older than six months so that you can drive a new model with the new features.
  • Flexible Rental Periods: We offer flexible rental intervals, including one-day rental, one-week rental, and long-term rentals.

We Provide Clean Rental Passenger Vans

Each 15 Passenger Sprinter Van Rental Brooklyn at Corporate Express Inc. is washed properly between all rentals and backed up with our total clean commitment. These include cleaning, vacuuming, general wiping, and sanitising with a disinfectant that satisfies leading health criteria and focuses on more than 20 higher-touch points. We also expand the complete clean pledge to our airport shuttles and district branches.

Why Choose Us?

Car rental Corporate Express Inc. provides premium 15 Passenger Van Rental Brooklyn at competitive rates and outstanding customer service on each rental car and van. Our attractive deals and quality service make us one of the best private car rental agencies in the city of New York. Please contact us today to book a 15- passenger car rental for your next family trip to Brooklyn and the area around!