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12 And 15 Passenger Vans For Rent

Travelling together is one of the most enjoyable experience, which can turn out extremely stressful if not planned perfectly and if you did not choose the best vehicle for your comfort. When travelling with a large group each person has their own preference and pace, making them follow a particular schedule when everyone is travelling on their own is a chaotic task, which spoils the entire experience for everyone and more importantly of the organizer.

When you don’t want to book an entire bus or taking too many cars will derail your entire travelling schedule and would also not be wise for neither your pocket nor the environment renting a van is the best choice.

We offer you huge selection of vans both with 12 passengers and 15 passengers sitting space. We are ideal for trips both for work or leisure, whether you are looking for a van for work trip or to attend a group meeting, or you are looking to book a van for a holiday trip, we got you all covered.

Also, we have a fleet of vans you can choose from with a number of highly trained and experienced drivers, that ensure your safe travel. Furthermore, we hire our drivers after thorough background checks and proper driving tests to ensure that our customers are in safe hands.

For most people travelling is the best recreational activity which can instill thrill and can be therapeutic at the same time. The joy of travelling increases manifold when you have a group of your closest friends to accompany you. It is observed that after taking a break from one’s daily schedule and travelling to a new place one’s functionality increases.

The joy which comes from travelling with your family and friends is immeasurable, but it can be a little tedious for the person organizing the trip to ensure that everyone reach the location at the correct time. Entire schedule of the trip can be halted when even one person lags behind their schedule. Therefore, you can choose 12 And 15 Passenger Vans For Rent according to your need and size of your group, and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.

Our 12 Passenger Van comes with three rows of seats behind the driver and the front passenger, and our 15 passenger Van have four rows of seat behind the driver and the front passenger.


If you are looking for excellent world-class services in the most convenient an affordable way, 12 And 15 Passenger Vans For Rent is the best option you can go with.

If your group is a little small for example it is a group going to attend a meeting, or to go to a church you can easily book our 12 Passenger Vans from our website. Our customer services are excellent and our prices are fixed, transparent and non-fluctuating.

If you are looking for a slightly bigger Van you can choose our 15 Passenger Van, both of them are highly convenient, luxurious and would help in elevating your travel experience.

Our seats are comfortable, and our vans are spacious, tidy and hygienic. Cleanliness and maintenance of our Vans are our first priority.

Convenience is the first term that one thinks while thinking of our renting and cancellation procedure. Our models if Van that you could choose from are listed on our website, from where you can easily check our the availability, rent and other details, and easily book or cancel the van with simply a click.

Even if you have any customization or special requirements you can inform us beforehand, and we would try our best to take care of your needs. 


We are renowned for our comfort and safety of travel. Our vans are both spacious and in perfect condition. Some of the key features we provide are:

  1. The seats of our van are reclining, well-cushioned and super comfortable.
  2. Our van has enough sitting space for the 12 passenger, and 15 passengers respectively along with their luggage.
  3. Your safety and security is our responsibility. We ensure your safe journey with our trained and well-behaved crew of drivers.
  4. We have a huge variety if vans that you can choose from.

Therefore, if you are thinking to go on a long road trip or to hire a van for a meeting or event, or just to take a break from your daily schedule you can contact us and hire our 12 And 15 Passenger Vans For Rent to enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free journey.