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Corporate Shuttle Service | Corporate Express, Inc

First-Class Corporate Shuttle Service

Corporate Shuttle Services are a fail-safe way to not only deliver complete ease of transport to your employees and co-workers but offer an inclusive enhancement in their mood and productivity. Corporate Express, Inc. can provide you with definitive reliability and consistency, offering comprehensive and customizable corporate transport solutions that are at the top of the industry.

First Class Shuttle Bus Service


Corporate Shuttle Service | Corporate Express, Inc

We Live and Breathe Convenient Conveyance

With over 35 years of corporate shuttle service experience, you can be confident that you are in the best possible hands. We understand at Corporate Express, Inc. that dependability is paramount but so is the consistency and ease of the journey; that’s why we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and capacity to deliver a simple and proficient transportation schedule for you and your business.

Services Devoted to You

Relying on public transport or employees driving to the office can lead to delays and even lapses in their general productivity when they finally arrive at work. Using our services at Corporate Express, Inc., you can deliver your employees a simple, effective, and steadfast answer to their transportation needs that give them a tangible lift when they arrive on location. Using our services is a great way to deliver you with not just accessibility but an improvement to general staff productivity too with how easy we make office commutes.

Professional Transport for Professionals

Corporate Express, Inc. can offer a wide range of transport solutions, from the typical practice to absolute luxury; we can offer you precisely what you need, whether you need a limousine for a special client or a shuttle bus for a particular department. We can accomplish such an assorted range of services because we offer a multitude of customizable preferences on our vehicles, including but not limited to spectacular leather seats and wooden floors.
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More than just fantastic Transport

An often disregarded feature of Corporate Shuttle Service is its ability to increase the efficiency and broad work ethic of employees. The commute employees go through can often be drawn-out, demanding, and rather overwhelming, creating a poor attitude and lackluster performance on arrival; however, by providing them with supreme, humble, and quick private transport through Corporate Express, Inc., you can experience an incredible transformation in workplace morale. You’ll soon find, with the universal attitude of employees being higher, the cost of Corporate Transport will soon pay for itself.

Unparalleled Safety Features

Corporate Express, Inc. is completely comprehensive in both its services and features. Our vehicles offer advanced collision avoidance technology, interior/exterior video surveillance and blind spot sensors, confirming you don’t just travel with us in style; you travel with us securely too.

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Company Branding

Corporate Express, Inc. can also offer you and your company the exceptional opportunity to advertise your own business for free when using our services. We offer custom wrapping of your contracted daily shuttles, permitting you to plug your business and transport your employees at the same time.

Comprehensive Customer Focus

Our vehicle range is extensive and very frequently being modernized and added to, guaranteeing you’re always receiving the utmost quality in Corporate Transportation. At Corporate Express, Inc., we believe there is more to dependable transport than providing the best vehicles in the industry. We believe we need to provide you with the best customer service support too, which is why we provide 24/7 customer support and a direct line to the owner, giving you total peace of mind.
Corporate Shuttle Service | Corporate Express, Inc


The days of wondering where your vehicle is are long gone. With our Live GPS tracking App you can simply login to our APP with your company credentials and view exactly where the vehicle is at all times. It will even tell you the ETA of when the next vehicle will arrive at your stop.

Routes and Scheduling Experts

Our widespread experience in the transport industry means that we are professionals when it comes to extensive Route Optimization and complete Schedule Accuracy, and we promise that we can take care of any particular agenda. Our drivers study and comprehend all the routes required to get you to your destination with ease and, vitally, on time.
It doesn’t stop there; we also provide LIVE vehicle tracking, on-board WIFI, allowing you to stay connected and even working, as well as an assortment of experienced staff members and drivers that make up a truly professional and thorough team of transport specialists.

Extraordinarily Safe Services

Corporate Express, Inc. always goes above and beyond to provide you with the highest standard across the board, which is why all of our drivers meet all Nationwide Driver Compliance standards, including regular drug testing, yearly driver training courses, background checks, periodic medical and psychical checks for the drivers as well as maintain performance-based driving records for our driving staff.
Outwardly, we work diligently with the appropriate departments to ensure that we meet and comply with all state and federal agencies in regards to providing you with unparalleled transport safety. We are happily regularly inspected and approved by USDOT, NYDOT, NY19A, and NJDOT to safeguard that we are always providing you with unswervingly safe transport.
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Corporate Shuttle Service | Corporate Express, Inc
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